At a meeting in Tokyo last year it was decided that Transition World’s launch event will be linked to the launch of the Fuji Declaration, which will be presented at an event organized by The Goi Peace Foudation in collaboration with the Club of Budapest. When the sun sets behind Hamlet’s castle in Elsinore in Denmark on the 16th of May 2015 it rises on the other side of the planet – at Mount Fuji in Japan – and so turning the calendar page to the 17th of May.   At this very moment we will connect the two locations via livestream and invite the world to join us in a global meditation for peace. One Earth Choir will join with choral music from different locations around the world, and the event will be monitored by the Global Consciousness Project.



The Fuji Declaration calls attention to the infinite potential that dwells within every human being and reminds us that we are part of a living universe that exhibits boundless diversity yet embraces oneness. It calls on us to co-evolve with one another and with nature in a constructive and coherent relationship.

There are an increasing number of people working in various fields—authors, activists, scientists, spiritual leaders, politicians, business leaders, and others—who share the kind of consciousness the Declaration calls for. They have deep insight into the nature of humanity and the world and are dedicated to contributing to a better future for the whole planet. Encouragingly, almost a hundred such globally-minded leaders in all fields—including Oscar Arias Sánchez, Deepak Chopra, Duane Elgin, Jane Goodall, and Muhammad Yunus—have joined this initiative as Founding Signatories, contributing their words of wisdom to the Declaration.


Below you will find a preliminary list of endorsers.  To learn more, click here – Fuji Declaration.




Yasushi Akashi (Japan) Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

Oscar Arias Sánchez (Costa Rica) Former President of Costa Rica, Nobel Peace laureate, Goi Peace Award 2004 Recipient

Anna Bacchia (Swiss) Musician, ININ One Earth Choir Project Author

Constantin von Barloewen (Germany)Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Cultural Studies

Michael Beckwith (USA)Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Minister

Michael Ben-Eli (USA) Founder of the Sustainability Laboratory

Mohammad Bhuiyan (USA) Entrepreneurship Professor, CEO World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates – Atlanta 2015

Joan Borysenko (USA) Medical Scientist, Psychologist, Spokesperson for Integrative Medicine

Gregg Braden (USA) Author of New Age Literature, Science/Spirituality

Sesto Castagnoli (Swiss) Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founding President of WSF World Spirit Forum

Raffi Cavoukian (Canada) Musician, Founder of the Centre for Child Honouring

Matteo Ceccarini (Italy) Artist, Figurative Painter

Fr James Channan OP (Pakistan) URI-Pakistan Regional Coordinator, Catholic Priest

Robert Chase (USA) Founding Director, Intersections International

Deepak Chopra (USA) Holistic Medicine, Goi Peace Award 2010 Recipient

Tracy Cochran (USA) Editor, Parabola Magazine

Jude Currivan (UK) Cosmologist, Author

Stephen Dinan (USA) CEO of The Shift Network

Larry Dossey (USA) Physician of Internal Medicine, Writer of “Healing Words”

Gordon Dveirin (USA) Organization and Human Development Consultant

Riane Eisler (Austria/USA) Author, President of the Center for Partnership Studies

Duane Elgin (USA) Author, Futurist, Goi Peace Award 2006 Recipient

Barbara Fields (USA) Executive Director, The Association for Global New Thought

Linda Francis (USA) Co-founder of Seat of Soul Institute

Marc Gafni (USA) Founder of Center for Integral Wisdom

Jagdish Gandhi (India) Founder of City Montessori School, UNESCO Prize for Peace Education

Jim Garrison (USA) Author, Theologian, Founder and President of Ubiquity University

Charlie Stuart Gay (Mexico) Entrepreneur and Social Enterprise Humanitarian

Maximilian Gege (Germany) Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.).

Charles Gibbs (USA) URI’s Founding Executive Director

Jane Goodall (UK) Primatologist, Former UN Messenger of Peace

Jonathan Granoff (USA) President, Global Security Institute

Stanislav Grof (USA) Psychiatrist, Founding President of the International Transpersonal Association

Rod Hackney (UK) Former President of the Royal Institute of British Architects and International Union of Architects

Hazel Henderson (USA) Economist, Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior 2010

Helena Norberg Hodge (Sweden) Pioneer of the Localization Movement, The Economics of Happiness, Goi Peace Award 2012 Recipient

Jean Houston (USA) Author, Advisor to UNICEF in Human and Cultural Development

Barbara Marx Hubbard (USA) Futurist, President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Takashi Imazato (Japan) Architect

David T. Ives (USA) Executive Director, Albert Scheitzer Institute

Bawa P. Jain (USA) Secretary General, World Council of Religious Leaders

Ernesto Kahan (Israel/Argentina) Physician & Writer, Academician of Honor-International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities, Former Vice President of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize)

Rev. Fumihiko Katayama (Japan) Sinto Chief Priest, Hanazono Shinto Shrine

Bibi Guru Inder Kaur & Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Hari Singh Khalsa (Italy) Co-Founders and Directors, Yoga Dharma Community, Rome, Italy

Tim Kelley (USA) Global Change Agent

Ashok Khosla (India) Chairman of Development Alternatives, Co-chair International Resource Panel

Eve Konstantine (USA) Leadership Coach and Trainer

David Krieger (USA) Founder of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Joaquin F. Leguia (Peru) President and Founder of Association for Children and the Environment – ANIA

Princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld (Netherlands) Princess of Netherlands, Social Reformer

Bruce Lipton (USA) Cell Biologist (Epigenetics), Goi Peace Award 2009 Recipient

David Lorimer (UK) Executive Vice-President of Wrekin Trust, Spiritual Educationalist

Lilou Mace (France) Journalist, Host of the Juicy Living Tour

Pastor Donald Mackenzie (USA) Former Minister with the United Church of Christ

Joanna Macy (USA) Environmental Activist, Author, Scholar of Buddhism, General Systems Theory, Eco-philosophy

Howard Martin (USA) Co-author of “The HeartMath Solution”

Shunkai Matsuura (Japan) Chief Priest Mibu Temple,The 85th Senior Priest of Toshodaiji Temple

Koichiro Matsuura (Japan) Former Director-General of UNESCO

Avon Mattison (USA) Peace Building, Peace Messenger of UN

Lynne McTaggart (USA / UK) Science-based Programs for Health and Growth, Media

Nipun Mehta (USA) Founder of Service Space, Jefferson Award for Public Service, the President’s Volunteer Service Award and Wavy Gravy’s Humanitarian Award, Project Incubator

Nina Meyerhof (USA) President and Founder of Children of the Earth, Evolutionary Leaders

Edgar Mitchell (USA) NASA Astronaut, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14

Kamran Mofid (UK) Founder, Globalization for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)

Lady Fiona Montagu (UK) Philanthropist, International Advisor to Nobel Peace laureate Betty Williams’s World Centres of Compassion for Children

Humayun A. Mughal (Japan) Islamic Sufi Faith Leader

Tolegen Mukhamejanov (Kazakhstan) Co-chairman of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture Organizing Committee, Senator of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Composer, Poet

Kazuo Murakami (Japan) Geneticist

Hiroshi Nakahigashi (Japan) Sinto Chief Priest, Hiraoka Shrine

Honnen Nakamura (Japan) Professor, Koyasan University

Roger Nelson (USA) Director of IONS, Coordinator of Research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, Collective Consciousness

James O’Dea (Ireland / USA) Former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Mitsuo Ohashi (Japan) Senior Advisor,Showa Denko K.K.

Gunter Pauli (Belgium) Founder of ZERI (Zero Emissions), Author of “The Blue Economy”

Franz Josef Radermacher (Germany) Mathematician, Economist, Co-founder of the Global Marshall Plan Initiative

Jamal Rahman (USA) Co-Founder of and Muslim Sufi Minister at Interfaith Community Church in Seattle

Ocean Robbins (USA) YES!-“Young Leaders Connect, Inspire and Collaborate”

Nancy Roof (USA) Founder of the Kosmos Journal

Peter Russell (UK) Physicist, Futurist, Study of Consciousness and Contemporary Spirituality

Elisabet Sahtouris (USA) Evolution Biologist, Futurist, UN Consultant on Indigenous People

Teiichi Sato (Japan) Honorary Executive Director, Tokyo National Museum, Former Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Japan to UNESCO

Hans-Martin Schempp (Germany) Founder of the One World Family, Social Reformer

Marilyn Schlitz (USA) Founder and CEO of Worldview Enterprises, President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Walter Schwimmer (Austria) Former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Chairman of the International Coordination Committee of the World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations

Genshitsu Sen (Japan) Former Grand Tea Master

Master Sha (Canada) Spiritual Master, Author of “Soul Healing Miracle Series”, Founder of World Love Peace Harmony Movement

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (India) Spiritual Master, Founder of the Art of Living Foundation

Jagdish N. Sheth (USA) Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory University Goizueta Business School

Mitsuhiro Shibata (Japan) Consultant, Ambassador of the Club of Budapest International

Karan Singh (India) Politician, Member of India’s Upper House of Parliament

John Steiner (USA) Networker, Creative Consultant, Occasional Philanthropist

Bob Stilger (USA) Co-president, New Stories

Bill Strickland (USA) President& CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Goi Peace Award 2011 Recipient

Edward Suzuki (Japan) Architect

Ryukei Takizawa (Japan) Head Priest, Byakkosan Monjyuji Temple

Riten Tanaka (Japan) Secretary General, Kimpusen Shugenhonshu

Hiroshi Tasaka (Japan) Professor at Tama University, Founder and President of Think Tank SophiaBank, President of the Club of Budapest Japan

Jin Tatsumura (Japan) Film Director

Katie Teague (USA) Documentary Film Maker, Thoughtful Monetary Pioneer, “Money & Life”

Michael Tobias (USA) Author, Filmmaker, Parabola Magazine Focus Award

Lynne Twist (USA) Global Visionary, Founder of the Soul of Money Institute

Moriteru Ueshiba (Japan) Aikido Doshu

Takeshi Umehara (Japan) Philosopher

Steve Valk (Germany) Director, Institute of Social Choreography

Jeff Vander Clute (USA) Co-founder of Sourcing the Way

Neale Donald Walsch (USA) Author of “Conversations with God”

Jean Watson (USA) Nurse Theorist and Nursing Professor, Theory of Human Caring

Ken Wilber (USA) Integral Theory, Mysticism, Philosophy, Ecology, and Developmental Psychology, Writer, Public Speaker

Diane Williams (USA) Founder and President of The Source of Synergy Foundation, Spirituality

David Woolfson (Canada) World Wisdom Alliance (WWA), Business

Lily Yeh (USA) Artist, Founder of Barefoot Artists

Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh) Social Entrepreneur, Nobel Peace laureate, Grameen Bank, Economist

Gary Zukav (USA) Author, Co-founder of Seat of Soul Institute





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