Local Transition World Center

At a meeting in September 2014, the local government at Gribskov Municipality in Denmark decided to join Transition World as a strategic partner.  The decision was followed up by a grant of 80,000 USD earmarked to pave the way for a local Transition World Center, in the idyllic fishing town Gilleleje, north of Copenhagen.

Nelson del Rio – Chairman of Transition World:

Nelson D

“We are delighted by the fact that Gribskov Municipality has decided to support the development of Transition World.  We look forward to exploring how we can develop a strong public- private partnership based upon new models of governance, finance, information systems and cooperation.  We also look forward to exploring the possibility of establishing our international headquarters in Gilleleje. Our ambition is to establish a Center which – based upon trans-disciplinary thought in a connected world – will serve as a meeting place for visionary leaders and innovative frontrunners, and function as an incubator for sustainable and scalable solutions.”


Kim Valentin – mayor of Gribskov Municipality:


“This is a unique opportunity for Gribskov Municipality to collaborate with international thought leaders and cutting edge scientists for the benefit of citizens and companies in our region. I would like to thank the local initiators who have made a marvelous effort to pave the way for this great initiative.”




Gilleleje is located at Sealand’s northernmost point, Gilbjerghoved, which was the favorite place of the famous Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. Today Gilleleje is a lively tourist, commercial and fishing town; and has preserved many of the idyllic streets and thatched houses built when it was a fishing village. At its heart is the fishing port, which is Sealand’s largest.



Oresund Bridge

Gribskov is a municipality in the capital region and part of the Oresund Region, which consists of Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark. It is one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. The two sides of the region are connected by a fixed link between Copenhagen and Malmö, the Oresund Bridge, and also by ferries sailing the route between Helsingborg and Elsinore. As the importance of national borders continues to decline in the new borderless Europe, the Oresund Region is an example of an international region that reflects the modern age: two countries complementing one another in a region without frontiers.


Highly educated population

In the Oresund Region, businesses are spoilt for choice. The region is home to the largest concentration of highly educated people in Northern Europe. It is liberally sprinkled with world-class innovative environments and boasts a well-developed working relationship between industry, higher education establishments, and the authorities.

Accessibility and good infrastructure 

With a centrally placed international airport, the Oresund Region is easily accessible from all parts of the globe. Copenhagen airport, Kastrup, is the largest international airport in Northern Europe and operates direct flights to more than 120 destinations. Within the Oresund Region itself, journey times are short thanks to an excellent public transport network, as well as extensive investments in good infrastructure.



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