Bente Milton has written, directed and produced a large number of high profile documentaries. Her work has been distributed to more than 50 countries - and her films have been screened at some of the most prestigious film festivals around the world.   Bente Milton’s personal track record includes 25 international awards and nominations – including Princes’ Award for the best documentary on Europe’s environment, Prix Italia – Granarolo Prize, IDA awards and the Danish Academy Award. In January 2012 Bente Milton founded Skandha Media, a company that specializes in transmedia production, including design and implementation of virtual spaces for community building and education. Through 2012 Skandha Media served as strategic advisor for Sustainia during the build up of their social media and cross platform activities. In 2013 Bente Milton launched a new transmedia initiative called “Transition Time” and in 2014 she became co-founder and CEO of “Transition World”, which is a global catalyzer, bringing together people and organizations ready to seize the opportunity for creating a more humane, equitable and flourishing world.