Caspar Philipson was born in Denmark in 1971. He applied to the Aarhus Teater in 1991 and finished his education in 1995. He made connections to Aarhus Teater in 6 years. Caspar had never taken part in a movie; he is more focused on theater plays, and had taken part in many musicals such as "Rocky Horror Show", "Les Miserables", "Carmen Negra" and "Kameliadamen". Many discovered his lovely voice, and in 1999 he started making Danish record tapes of well-known book writer Agatha Christie's famous books. Few years later in 2002, he was chosen as the Danish voice of the kind Kungfu fighter Goku in the animated Manga series "Dragon Ball Z" (1996), and now Caspar is famous and loved among children. Two years later he became the Danish voice of the irritating Prince Charming in DreamWorks movie Shrek 2 (2004). He is also the Danish voice of Nergal and Billy's Dad in "Grim & Evil" (2001), and had an Additional Voice in the Danish version of the Twentieth Century Fox Film Garfield (2004). Present he's most known for his role as Mortimer in the Danish theater play Arsenik og gamle kniplinger (2002) (TV), recorded live in "Det Danske Teater". Caspar is also a professional singer. And are one of the singers in the Danish CD "Fiigs og Ballade", recorded along with Frits Helmuth and other various actors and singers.