In the course of her rich professional experience, Elke ESDERS has perfomed different roles always in line with the transmission of knowledge, international cooperation, facilitating and coaching. A graduate in political science, she has been a lecturer at Bamberg University, a political adviser at the United Nations in Geneva then at the European Parliament in Brussels, a coach-manager of a team of eight people, a workshop facilitator(communication, creativity, conflict resolution, cultural diversity) and coached MEPsin the European Parliament. She also developed her skills as a coach and facilitator at the European level. She holds a Masters degree (MSc) in professional coaching (European Systemic Business Academy, Vienna). She undertook training in executive coaching(Performance Consultants International, London), in relationship coaching (Center for Right Relationship (CRR) Global, Oslo), and different approaches to team coaching in Brussels, as well as the Open Space Technology approach developed by Diane Gibeault. Elke ESDERS has written several articles on coaching and published a book entitled Coaching für Politiker (Coaching for Politicians) (2011) in its German original. Sir John Whitmore has provided a preface for the updated English version (2014) of the book. Her passion for systemic, global and intercultural approaches and perfect command of English, German and French make her an ideal partner to guide you and/or your international teams towards new horizons.