She has a deep interest in the human nature and different cultures from her early childhood. Keeping her heart open since then she truly believes that understanding and respecting other cultures is essential and crucial in today’s world. Working for a local TV channel in editorial and marketing positions in the past and being involved with an independent media organisation – which delivered spiritual events online to a global audience her focus turned towards the change in Human Perception which is shaping the future at a rapid scale. Being a single mother with two Sons she understood the importance of women's situation, that goes beyond womanhood. Becoming the Project Director at Women for a Caring World enabled her to inspire women to focus on their own empowerment. Out of these experiences her focus gradually turned towards education. Founding and facilitating the 'Celebration of Life' event in Hungary she started connecting the game changers in order to support the shift from the old model education towards a more complex understanding of learning processes. Initiating and connecting the first Hungarian group within the award winning SOLE system ( founded by Sugata Mitra ) Ibolya is keen on supporting those individuals, groups and organisations which are the forerunners of this complex, but promising field. In her free time she likes disappearing in Nature, reading and translating texts that inspires her. As a result, she translated the book called 'Meeting Monroe' by Kingsley L. Dennis - which is itself a great transition story - and she hopes that the book can be published in Hungary sometimes in 2015.