Jefferson’s primary aim as an international coach, facilitator and speaker is the development of high-performance leadership behaviours  that enable the liberation of human potential and the fulfilment of the individual, their teams and their companies. Following a successful, 25-year, international, career in pharmaceuticals, he has been delivering Leadership Performance Coaching at board level and below across all sectors across the world, and has developed high-level expertise in personal, team and cultural leadership development. Jefferson believes that all leadership begins with how we lead ourselves – only when we can do that can we truly lead others and organisations.  This  requires the integration of the individual’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions. With Nigel Linacre he is the co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership, and LeadDirect, and with Nigel and Todd Eden of LeadNow!.  Jefferson has written numerous articles and blogs and is co-author of “An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership” with Nigel. Jefferson is also co-founder of the new Initiative for Organisational Evolution.