Liselotte Lyngsø is Managing Partner and chief in the Future Navigator. She is probably one of the most inspiring and enthusiastic persons you will ever meet. Her ability to create powerful images and inspire people to align forward shared goals is out of this world. She will spin you around and show you possibilities you never dreamed existed. And she will never leave you in the unknown – if you are honest about building a better tomorrow. For more than 15 years Liselotte has been in high demand as a keynote speaker throughout Europe and the United States. She is a valued consultant for several global organizations. She has given lectures on innovation at CBS in Copenhagen, and been in-house futurist at IKEA. She is the author of numerous articles and books among the bestsellers: – The Dream Society – Future F@milia – Don’t be a bare explore/En Linedans fra Ide til Succes In her previous life Liselotte was the Managing Director of Fahrenheit 212 – The Ideas Company owned by Saatchi & Saatchi. And for 8 years she was Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Liselotte was born in Denmark in 1970. She has an M.Phil. in Economics and Politics from St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University, England, and she speaks Scandinavian, English and French.