Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist.  She specialises in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues.  She brings a love of powerful questions and the craft of creating compelling conversations to her gift of working with stories.  Narrative applications, together with participatory practice, forms the key part of her work.  She sees her art as creating and hosting spaces for wise action, where people can step in, step up and step out powerfully together, clear about their common foundation, committed to their highest aspirations and taking back the power of their stories.  Mary-Alice’s work demonstrates her belief that our stories are the key to unleashing our knowledge, the wisdom is in the group, and that life is too short to have a boring meeting, an unchallenged imagination or an uninspiring conversation.  She is a powerful synthesiser and meaningmaker, valued for her insight and ability to make the complex understandable, the simple profound and the pathway clear.  People often say they love her stories, feel faith in groups again and feel well and wisely held.