The Middle East Peace Orchestra is a unique collaboration between various ethnic groups of professional musicians, who are all connected to the Middle East. Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt founded the orchestra in 2003 inviting Arab and Jewish musicians to play the treasure of music of both great traditions, playing concerts for peace. The musicians come from Israel, The Palestine areas, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Scandinavia and are all handpicked virtuosos representing the best of their traditions and furthermore they all have the courage to engage in this project. The music performed has elements from Jewish "Klezmer", from Middle Eastern "Makam" and from the classical Arab music. The Orchestra has been received with the greatest enthusiasm by both audience and press since the very first concert. The Orchestra made its world premiere with 7 concerts in Scandinavia in January 2004 and has since been touring the world. It visits the greatest concert halls and the smallest places to spread the message of peace through music. The Orchestra has performed in great prestigious festivals, in the streets, in schools, at hospitals, with prisoners in jails, with refugee-children and everywhere there is a need for dialogue through music. The public interest is enormous; a Swedish Film Company "CINergy Film" has made a full documentary about the project, the Danish National Radio and Television has covered the performances in Denmark and abroad. Back-up from official political authorities has been substantial with supportive letters from The Foreign Minister, The Cultural Minister and the Minister for Integration in Denmark.