Professor Sándor Kerekes introduced Environmental Education to the Corvinus University of Budapest in the early 1990s and soon after founded the Department of Environmental Economics and Technology. He published dozens of books and textbooks on environmental management and exonomics. A decade later he became Academic Director of the MBA programmes at Corvinus School of Management and in recent years served as Vice Rector of the University. Professor Kerekes also promoted preventive environmental practices in the region and founded the Hungarian Cleaner Production Center as well as served as the national coordinator of the Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies. He has been Vice President of the National Environmental Council, member of the President’s Environmental Scientific Council of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Hungarian Accreditation Body’s Economic and Business Administration Committee. In 2013, he was awarded an Honorary Degree from the Warsaw School of Business and currently heads the Doctoral School for Management and Business Administration at Kaposvár University - Hungary.