Tony Gonzales is U.N. Liaison of the American Indian Movement West. Previously he coordinated the International Indian Treaty Council’s participation at the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. He has worked with the U.N. Working Group on Indigenous Populations to complete the Universal Declaration on the Rights & Principles of Indigenous Peoples. During his time at the Treaty Council he met with world leaders like Gorbachev, Arafat, Nelson Mandela and others to discuss Indigenous Sovereignty, environmental issues, religious freedom and political persecution. At the 1993 U.N. World Conference on Human Rights, he helped successfully lobby countries to call for an International Decade of Indigenous Peoples. He has helped build unity between Indigenous people of all colors by emphasizing their shared history and common vision for the future. As a Vietnam combat veteran, Tony lived the horror of war and was inspired to work for human rights and peace on planet Earth.