05 May

Mary Alice Arthur is a Story Activist.  She specialises in using story in service of positive systemic shift and to access and create collective intelligence on critical issues.  She brings a love of powerful questions and the craft of creating compelling conversations to her gift of working with stories.  Narrative applications, together with participatory practice, forms […]

01 Apr

Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum is a Danish actress, stagedirector and producer. Trained at the Danish National School of Theatre (1979-82) she has been working at most of the main stages in Copenhagen including The Royal Theatre, Nørrebro Theatre and Folketeatret. She has been awarded twice with a “Reumert” for her soloshows and her renowned work in the […]

31 Mar

In the course of her rich professional experience, Elke ESDERS has perfomed different roles always in line with the transmission of knowledge, international cooperation, facilitating and coaching. A graduate in political science, she has been a lecturer at Bamberg University, a political adviser at the United Nations in Geneva then at the European Parliament in Brussels, a coach-manager of a team of […]

16 Mar

Hanson Hosein is a pioneer of creative entrepreneurship through communication technologies. Within his company, HRH Media Group, Hanson has produced award-winning TV and documentary films. He’s co-founder of Prosperity of the Commons International, which applies novel legal, financial and technological solutions to global development. He has also provided expert guidance to some of the biggest […]

13 Mar

Jefferson’s primary aim as an international coach, facilitator and speaker is the development of high-performance leadership behaviours  that enable the liberation of human potential and the fulfilment of the individual, their teams and their companies. Following a successful, 25-year, international, career in pharmaceuticals, he has been delivering Leadership Performance Coaching at board level and below […]