A Global Brain Awakens


Suggested Story tellers: Michel Reilac & Peter Russel

An unprecedented revolution in global communications is underway, integrating powerful technologies ranging from wireless networks to Internet connections, cell-phones, televisions, and much more. Combined, these technologies are rapidly wiring the global brain and supporting the awakening of collective consciousness from a local to a global scale.

image by mindcontrol.se

We Are on a Heroic Journey


Suggested Storytellers: Phil Cosineau & Andrew Slack

The Hero’s Journey has three, major stages: separation, initiation, and return. Over the past 45,000 years or so, the human community has moved from a long stage of separation from nature and one another, and we are now moving into a time of initiation, from which may come the insight to begin our journey of return to living in harmony with Earth, one another, and the living universe.

Transitioning to Holistic Economics


Suggested Storytellers: Charles Eisenstein & Ross Jackson

A shallow and limited view of ‘economics’ has produced a view of the Earth as a place filled with resources to be exploited in a process of never-ending growth. This has led to unsustainable levels of consumption by a relative few along with an enormous and growing disparity in wealth and economic opportunity between the rich and the poor. Reconciliation requires a ‘holistic economics’ or economics of the whole world system.

Trusting the Power of Love


Suggested Storytellers: Ervin Laszlo & Karen Armstrong

For thousands of years humanity has been divided by mistrust engendered by ethnic, racial, gender, religious, and other differences. Now the Earth is seen as a single interdependent system, and the future of humanity is inescapably bound together in our collective choices. A promising future requires that we transcend our history of mistrust and find common ground. Can compassion overcome millennia of division?

Choosing Conscious Evolution


Suggested Storytellers: Barbara Marx Hubbard & Bruce Lipton

Consciousness is the knowing faculty. Our capacity for reflective or witnessing consciousness – to know that we know – enables us to take greater responsibility for our actions and their consequences. Unprecedented global crises are pressuring human consciousness to develop further, and we are poised to awaken to a collective knowing that we can choose consciously to evolve our capacities for living in harmony with the rest of life.

Integrating Indigenous Wisdom


Suggested Storytellers: Angaangaq Lybert & Michael Mead

Indigenous peoples have a feeling of communion with the land and bring a natural sense of participation with the life force that infuses work and play in everyday life. Indigenous wisdom reminds us of our oneness with Earth as an interdependent, living system; our oneness with each other and the other forms of life that are our companions; and our oneness with the universe.

A Path of Gender Reconciliation


Suggested Storytellers: Jean Houston & Wangari Maathai

Humanity has been moving through a series of stages in the relationship between men and women, starting with the mysterious power and fertility of the feminine archetype in the hunter-gatherer era, followed by the rise of the masculine sky gods in the agrarian era and the further extension of the masculine analytical orientation in the industrial era, and now the return of the feminine which opens new possibilities for reconciliation and relationship.

Reconnecting with the Living Universe


Suggested Storytellers: Ervin Laszlo & Duane Elgin

Since awakening as hunter-gatherers roughly 45,000 years ago, we humans have been pulling back from nature and differentiating ourselves from one another, leading to our current time of environmental and existential crisis. We are challenged to make a profound shift and begin a journey of return to reconnect with our larger ‘self’ that is a conscious participant in the unfolding of the living universe.

Metamorphosis as a Metaphor for Transition


Suggested Storytellers: Elisabeth Satouris & Bruce Lipton

The caterpillar crawls around on two-dimensional surfaces. At some point it stops, eats to oblivion, wraps itself in a cocoon and begins to dissolve. Out of the soup of the dissolution, ‘imaginal cells’ begin to emerge that transform what was the caterpillar into a whole new form that can fly in three-dimensional space. Where is this story happening in our lives?